Yacht and Catamaran Repairs and Maintenance

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Yacht Repairs

Yacht Repairs, Maintenance and Upgrades


Maintenance and Repairs of Monohulls and Catamarans by our Expert Team

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Maintenance of yachts is carried out to ensure the best operation of the vessel in the sea. Technological maintenance & repair activities are planned in accordance with the recommendations of manufacturers of boat systems.

  • Integrated vessel washing
  • Cleaning and tightening of rails, rails and awnings
  • Inspection, washing and ventilation of sails
  • Maintenance of rigging, spars, winches, stoppers
  • Maintenance of natural and artificial teak deck cover
  • Control of air tightness of manholes and portholes
  • Ventilation of the yacht’s interior space
  • Maintenance of plumbing devices and water tanks
  • Maintenance and washing of fecal tanks
  • Checking the level, replacement and topping up of working motor fluids
  • Seasonal inspection of engines, transmission, gearboxes
  • Periodic start-up and monitoring of key parameters:
    • Engines, outboard motors, generators, heaters and air conditioners
    • Desalination plant and other additional equipment
    • Gas pipeline and slab (including refueling of cylinders)
  • Control of the operating state of the steering and autopilot
  • Checking the operating status of automatic and manual pumps
  • Monitoring of batteries and recharging them if necessary
  • Maintenance of the steering system in working order
  • Checking of electrical circuits and yacht electronics, including:
    • Verification of navigation and meteorological equipment
    • Check of communication facilities and ship watches (recharging or replacement of batteries)
  • Replacement of spare parts of communication equipment and ship watches (recharging or replacement of batteries)
  • Check bilge, control the presence of liquid under the covers and in the compartments
  • Work on the bottom of the vessel, requiring its lifting:
    • Check the bottom of the hull for chips, cracks and their elimination
    • Cleaning of the yacht, keel, rudders and screws from fouling
    • Treatment of the bottom with anti-fouling coatings
    • Polishing of hull
    • Validation and replacement of zinc
  • Control of completeness and expiration dates of rescue equipment
  • Seasonal work related to the conservation of ships

*Some works require additional payment, for the purchase of spare parts and consumables (in agreement with the owner or manager of the yacht).

Repair of Yachts, Monohull and Catamarans

A planned maintenance system increases the safety and reliability of any yacht, and we ensure a team prepared to offer you the services that your yacht requires. It is necessary to regularly carry out technological measures and professional solutions. We provide services for the selection and installation of additional equipment and boat rebuilding. We carry out all types of repair works for Monohull and Catamaran Yachts.

  • Hull works of any complexity
  • Power plants and drives
  • Fuel and gas systems
  • Masts, sails, rigging, rails
  • Steering
  • Deck coverings
  • Electricity and electronics
  • Yacht furniture
  • Plumbing
We provide detailed information on the ongoing activities: check-lists, calculations of the cost of purchasing spare parts, financial reports and repair documentation.