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What to bring with you? The best thing about going on holiday is not having to worry about anything so we have
come up with a list of items you should bring with you on your trip. Whether you are a
seasoned traveler or a newbie at being on the sea, we hope this list helps guide you when
packing for your trip. Thankfully, the yachts come with a full inventory so there is not much
you need to bring apart from your personal items.

Getting organized can be tedious at times and when you are thinking of your holiday it is
easy to forget things, so below you will find the ‘must have’ items when getting ready for
your trip so that all you need to be thinking about is your boating holiday.

When thinking of things to wear keep in mind that Greece gets very hot in the early summer
months June-August, so a light summer wardrobe is more than suitable. Although the
temperature drops a bit from mid-August to October it is still the perfect time to be out on
the water and when it comes to clothing, you just need to add a layer of warmth to your

The basics would be:

  • Bathing suit/swimming trunks- maybe 2 or 3 different pairs so you can take photos
    while looking your finest on the yacht deck.
  • Sun cream/block- the sun gets very hot and safety comes first so don’t be shy on the
  • Tanning oil- for the risk-takers
  • Aftersun- after a long day in the sun this moisturizer is everything!
  • Sunglasses- protecting your eyes on the water is not something people think about
    too often but the reflection of the water, that beautiful shimmer and the glow of the
    white from the boat often strain your eyes and it becomes hard to enjoy the view, so
    sunglasses are very important.
  • Hat- Another measure of protecting your skin and hats never look bad in photos.
  • Travel size shampoo, conditioner and body soap (or all in one)- if you forget these
    items at home, one of our members of staff can get this ready for you at an
    additional cost.
  • Toothpaste and toothbrush- staying minty fresh is never a bad idea.
  • Body lotion- The sea water around the islands is amazing for tightening the skin but
    you do not want to risk looking like a prune after your swim so bring the lotion!
  • Hairbrush- the humidity will give you lots of great looks like afro’s and curls you
    never knew you had. Long hair beware.
  • Shorts- 3 or 4 pairs depending on the duration of your stay, island life is chilled
    depending on where you go but we advise packing a pair of jeans/trousers for the
    option of dressing up or if the wind changes.
  • Tops- There is nothing you’ll want to wear in 30–40-degree weather other than airy
    linen and breathable tops so pack a couple tops that are comfortable.
  • Sarongs/dresses- for the ladies that prefer flowy materials a dress or two can be
    easy to dress up or down.
  • Hoodies/cardigans- The wind can change quickly, bring a warm jersey with you for
    the nights you want to spend out on the deck staring at the stars.
  • Windbreaker- if you are on a yachting holiday for the adrenaline of feeling the wind in the sails then a wind breaker will protect you from the sting of the wind while you have the time of your life on one of our yachts.
  • Underwear/Socks- please do not forget these, as excellent as our customer service is and as helpful as we want to be, we do not stock these items.
  • Trainers- A pair of trainers go a long way when you want to go walking or sightseeing on the islands but on the boat, you will often be barefoot, so it is your call if you want to pack these or not.
  • Sandals/flip flops- generally, the heat makes your feet swell so having open shoes is going to be the most comfortable option.
  • Deck shoes/Sailing gloves- These are optional and are used mainly for the people dealing with the boat, the gloves are a form of protection for your hands and the deck shoes are protection of the boat because- who wants high heel holes in the deck of their boat?

Do not forget these:

  • Swimming towel
  • Charger (and adaptors)
  • Mobile phone
  • Earphones
  • Speaker
  • Power bank
  • Keys
  • Money (do not forget to check the currency)
  • Passport
  • I.D. card
  • License

We want you to feel as comfortable as possible on our yachts however we ask you to please
remember that the cupboards and storage in the boats is quite limited so packing the
essentials is going to benefit you when it comes to having more space on the yacht.

Hard cover suitcases are not the best thing to bring on to the yacht because they are often
clunky and don’t fit in small spaces, therefore it is best to bring a tog bag/soft cover bag in
order to make things fit.

Sailways Yacht & Catamaran Charter
Sailways Yacht & Catamaran Charter

Sometimes in the last-minute rush to get everything ready- perhaps a charger or a towel will
be left at home, but we do not want you to worry, we provide packages with towels and
shampoo/conditioner at an additional cost which can be seen on our website. Just let one of
our team members know that you have forgotten some things and if we can, we will do our
best to assist you in the acquirement of the items before you leave on your charter. Wifi on
board is also offered at additional costs- just check with one of our representatives.

We like to be organized as it helps things run smoothly and so it would be appreciated if you
could inform one of our representatives of your arrival at least 7 days before your charter
departure to get things ready. Upon your arrival, there is no limitation on when check in
needs to be done and one of our staff will be available to help you embark the yacht at a
time that is convenient for you however, Checking, control and briefing about the yacht’s

equipment is a procedure that can only be done during daylight hours, in case you arrive
after dark, this procedure will be carried out the following morning before your departure.

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