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ISSA – International Sailing Schools Association

ISSA is a non-profit international association which provides a framework of common standards of quality and safety for sailing and windsurfing schools throughout the world. The ISSA standards apply equally to the certification of students completing sailing and windsurfing courses at all levels of ability. All ISSA sailing and windsurfing instructors are trained to the same of levels of competence.

Sailways SA: ISSA accreditation

Sailways SA works in partnership with “ISSA”, the International Sailing School Association and holds an ISSA accreditation since 2015, which means we are eligible to provide sailing lessons and issue Issa certificates. We provide sail training courses with highly experienced skippers and manages to prepare our students with the right set of skills and knowledge. We offer high-level seamanship courses and professional training while offering an opportunity for everyone that would like skipper for a profession or just holidays.

 What is better than having the joy of managing a yacht by yourself and being one with the sea?

Further, on the site, you will find the different certifications and training which are offered and you can request further information about the one that suits you the most.

ISSA is managed by a committee elected from its member sailing and windsurfing schools.

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ISSA’s Mission is to:

Promote Yachting in the regions, areas and among people where it is not popular yet. This is an excellent activity for individuals and families. Helps to develop respect to other people and nature.


Educate those who decided to occupy themselves with water sports. Water sport activities
provide a lot of fun but we need to obtain some preparation to enjoy it to a full extent.


Standardise training worldwide. We are committed to assist the ISSA schools to maintain
the highest and most modern standards of education. We are also open to help those who
are not associated. With safety being the main priority.


Exchange Cultural Experiences between various countries. As an organisation present on
most of the continents we aim to contribute to mutual understanding of people originating
from different cultures.


Levels of ISSA sailing Certificates





Sail Training

Dinghy Junior Levels 1, 2, 3
Keelboat Junior Levels 1, 2, 3
Yacht Crew
Inshore Skipper
Offshore Skipper
Master of Yacht


Power Boat Training

Boat Master
Yacht Crew
Inshore Power Skipper
Offshore Power Skipper
Master of Power Yacht


Extra Skill Training

Inland Skipper Instructor
Inland Power Skipper Instructor Course
Inshore Power Skipper Instructor Course
Inshore Skipper Instructor Course
SRC Marine Radio Instructor Course
Rescue Skipper Training


ISSA certification recognition map

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