Packing for Sailing Holidays

When packing for summer holidays, we usually try to squeeze our whole wardrobe in a suitcase (and not only the ladies!) Of course, most of the times we end up wearing only our swim suit and two or three comfortable clothes.

That’s exactly the whole point of sailing holidays: To escape from the do’s and don’ts of our daily routine back home, relax and enjoy the sea and sun all day long. After all, how often do you get the chance to walk around in your swim suit without feeling weird?!

Keep in mind that there is not so much space in sailing yachts, so it would be better to bring a duffel or a rolling duffel bag rather than suitcase.

Here is what you will need (more or less!)

  1. Sunscreen with very high SPF. As I said before, you are not going to be wearing much! At least make sure you are protected from the super shiny Greek sun.
  2. Hat
  3. Sunglasses
  4. At least 2 swim suits.
  5. Literally – very few clothes. You can adjust your choices depending on where you are heading at and whether you are planning to go out on different ports for lunch, dinner or bar hopping. In any case, the island dress code is generally very casual and relaxed. Just make sure you bring one light jacket and one pair of pants along.
  6. Light pajamas
  7. Flip flops and non-marking boat shoes (if you have)
  8. One or two pairs of comfortable shoes
  9. Beach towel (shower towels are provided)
  10. Personal care products
  11. Insect repellent
  12. Anti-histamine (in case of insect bites/stings)
  13. Jelly Fish After Sting Relief (better safe than sorry – although jelly fish are not so common)
  14. Your regular medication (if any)
  15. Camera & charger (or waterproof camera, action camera etc.)
  16. 12 volts (car charger) for charging devices on board and power bank, if necessary, although I would recommend minimum use of electronic devices. Remember: you are here to relax and log off!
  17. AUX cable – if you want to connect an electronic device for music (OK, this is allowed!)
  18. A book maybe?
  19. Your passport
  20. Credit/Debit cards

Have I forgotten anything ? Let me know!

Happy Sailing!

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