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Daily Cruises in Milos Island. See the beauty of Milos island with a monohull or catamaran yacht with Sailways.

Daily Cruises

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If you love the sea, look for the intense emotions of nature, seek to escape from the everyday routine and to broaden your horizons, then a sailing adventure is precisely what you’re looking for. 

Milo’s beauties are mostly hidden and unreachable by land. The catamaran will lead you to beautiful, pristine and isolated beaches, far from the hassle of the crowds, such as Kleftiko and Sarakiniko. In other words, a pirate treasure hideout and paradise on earth.

With this cruise, you will have the chance to discover most of the island coastlines and see the huge diversity of colors, caves and beaches Milos has to offer.

Milos Full-Day Cruises are available from May to October
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During our daily trip around the island you will be able to see the most amazing and beautiful parts of our island such as “the Bears” at the entrance of the port (two large rocks shaped like bears) , the entrance of the port of Adamas, the second largest natural port of Cyclades and the amazing cape of Vani, the largest emerging volcanic rock in the Mediterranean Sea.

While sailing along the west coast of Milos, we will also see wonderful beaches such as Kalogries, Agathia, Triades, Ammoudaraki, and the monastery of Saint John Siderianos, site of two miracles. Afterwards, we will pass outside the cave of Sykia where there is a unique beach inside the roofless cave!

The highlight of the day is Kleftiko, the famous site with the white limestone rocks that form caves and tunnels of different colors depending on how the sun reflects on the water. 

Kleftiko’s magnificent caves were once a hideout for pirate treasures. Since the place is not reachable by land, no one could get to them. It is said that some of them might still be there, hidden in the crystal clear waters waiting for a worthy true pirate to be discovered! Do you think it’s worth a try?

You will enjoy your lunch with the breathtaking view of Kleftiko. The greek sun and the summer breeze is one of the most delightful things that you will have the chance to enjoy on your trip with us!

Our day comes to an end, enjoying the unique sunset on board, with its special color hues, in the horizon ahead of us , in the most pleasant and relaxing way!

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