Explore Schinoussa. SkhinoĂșssa is located at the centre of the Small Eastern Cyclades island group, south of NĂĄxos and north-east of IrakliĂĄ. It is a tiny island with three villages: HĂłra, Messaria and Mersini. It took its name after the bushy plant lentisk (Schino in Greek) that flourishes on the island. Mersini, the island’s port, is a haven for small boats, preferred by many across the Aegean; during the summer it is a popular mooring spot for sailing enthusiasts. 

With Mersini as a starting point, follow a beautiful hiking trail around the island (it will take you only 2 hours!), enjoy the unspoiled natural landscape and discover beautiful gardens, exotic palm trees and sun-kissed beaches along your walk that will steal your heart away! Explore Schinnoussa with us


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