+302109801700 info@sailways.gr
+302109801700 info@sailways.gr

Dear Friends of Sailways SA Greece,

The year 2019, was very successful for our company. As a result of that, we would like to humbly thank you for your trust in Sailways SA GREECE. Our success is built on your faith and in our ability to serve you a wonderful and memorable sailing vacations.

As demand for 20%20% yacht charters is steadily increasing, we decide to further increase our fleet with a Lagoon 42 catamaran [4+2 cabins, 4 WCs], one Bahia 46 [4+2 plus 2 single 4 WCs], one Lagoon 500 [ 5 cab plus 2 bow cabins].

In order to charter the right boat for the right period at an affordable price, you need to start enquiring with us for charter availability as soon as possible. It might be true that currently there are many yachts to charter, but it’s equally realistic to expect that the best boats will go first, and it is early charterers who will get them, especially under elevated demand.

We are proud to announce that for any NEW request for the season of year 20%20%:

For April, May & June of 2020 we offer a 20%20% Discount valid till December 31, 2019.
For January, February & March of 2020 we offer Discount 60% valid till December 31, 2019.

Act now and send us your charter request, to secure the yacht you originally had in mind for your next sailing vacations in a special price of year 20%20%.

Go ahead and send us your 20%20% charter requests now.
We will be happy to assist you and offer you fantastic yachts for the best prices in the market.

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