If you love the sea, look for the intense emotions of nature, seek to escape from the everyday routine and to broaden your horizons, then a sailing adventure is precisely what you’re looking for. 

Athens, the historical capital of Europe, surely has her glorious history and sights, but if you’re looking for a break from the crowd and a place to escape the summer heat, we can help you!

Daily & Half Daily Cruises from Athens!

Aegina Full-Day Cruise

Our full-day sailing trip from Kalamaki Marina in Athens allows us to visit the nearby island of Aegina with its lovely beaches, clear waters while enjoying time on board a modern yacht! On this journey you will explore the island’s beautiful beaches, friendly village and see peacocks and deers in their natural habitat. 

On our full day sailing Athenian cruise we will explore the Southern coast of Aegina island and a small uninhabited island called Moni next to it. Our trip begins at 09:00-10:00 am from Alimos Marina, Athens and our return is estimated by 19:00 pm. You will experience the most out of your full 10-hour day on board with plenty of sailing, swimming and tasting local delicacies.

Lay back and take in the warm Greek sun while sipping your cold refreshments offered on board. A 3 hour sailing time will warm you up, and get you ready for swimming. At around 15:00 we leave Moni behind, and head to Perdika, a small village of Aegina where you’ll be able to enjoy lunch in one of the local taverns there. Cool off and get ready for our return, back to Athens where we expect to be arriving after a fully memorable day at sea!

Athenian Coastline Half-Day Cruise

Most travelers and short-stay visitors are unaware of the Athenian Riviera’s proximity to the city center. A one hour sailing trip can lead you to a beautiful coastline with sparkling waters waiting to be explored! Join our daily running half-day morning or afternoon trips leaving from Alimos Marina, Athens; embark on a journey away from the busy & hot city center to discover the magnificent South coast of Athens, where the locals spend most of their summertime. 

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