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Book a Yacht

Ahh yes, the real struggle of picking your ideal boat. Well, we are always here for suggestions, just click the little chat button on your right or send us an email. But before you do that, let’s go through a checklist of things you should keep in mind before choosing your boat:

First, did you get your days off or is this just daydreaming? It’s okay, we won’t judge.
If yes, then great let’s hop on to the next step.
Who are you bringing with you? This will help you decide how big the boat will be and how many cabins it needs to have. We don’t want your friends and family sleeping outside on the deck unless they come uninvited…

Did you decide who is coming? Cool. Now let’s see the budget. You can check our 2020 pricelist and see which boat suits your budget the most, we offer many options so that no one will feel left out. Send us an email, maybe you will be in luck that day and the boat you picked can be combined with a discount. We will also answer any further questions you may have so that your holiday is organized perfectly.

Some extra advice?

If you want to have a full sailing experience, then a sailing boat is perfect for you. If you worked hard this year and you are willing to splurge on some extra comfort and luxury, then go for a catamaran. Decisions, decisions…


Whichever boat you choose we will be here guiding you through the process, so don’t be shy. Slide into our emails…